CBD oil in sports - Can you increase regeneration?

CBD oil in sports - Can you increase regeneration?

We hear more and more often that athletes use CBD oil. It is said to support regeneration and even increase concentration. But is this true and is CBD oil not banned and falls under the list of banned substances of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)? You can find out all this in this article. 

Why are athletes increasingly using CBD oil? 

In many newspapers and reports we read that more and more athletes are turning to CBD oil. Of course, we are then surprised, since the active ingredient from the hemp plant is known to increase performance and concentration. Nevertheless, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) says that CBD oil is permitted and is not on the list of banned substances. Thus, CBD is not considered doping. 

CBD for regeneration

However, there is a completely different reason why athletes resort to CBD products. The active ingredient cannabidiol has an excellent effect on the regeneration of athletes [1]. The cells and the body can recover more quickly and are thus ready for the next training session or competition in a shorter time. Creams with cannabidiol are often used to massage the stressed body parts. But CBD oil can also be taken to support the body in regeneration. Cannabidiol also has other advantages for athletes. 

CBD against pain

Training sessions are often very strenuous. Not only are the muscles fully utilised, but the body itself often reaches its limits. This often leads to pain. With CBD balm or CBD oil, the pain can be relieved [2]. At the same time, cannabidiol has the advantage that it also combats inflammation. It is not uncommon for inflammation to occur in parts of the body that are always irritated to the extreme. Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD [3], the irritations are slowed down and the risk of inflammation is significantly minimised. This also means that pain is absent because no inflammation occurs in the first place. 

CBD for calming

Cannabidiol oil has a calming effect that benefits the athlete. Especially before competitions, athletes are excited, tense and completely under power. To alleviate these symptoms, CBD oil can be an important helper. Cannabidiol calms the nerves and thus ensures that the athlete is relaxed. But sleep is also positively influenced.
Before competitions, athletes often sleep badly because they are tense. By taking CBD oil, the tension can be reduced on the one hand and on the other hand, the valuable oil contributes to the athlete sleeping better [4]. This means that the next day, the athlete is refreshed, well rested and able to perform at his or her best.

CBD oil to increase concentration

Whether CBD oil can really increase concentration and performance has not yet been sufficiently proven scientifically. What is certain, however, is that numerous users report that they can concentrate better and that the focus is completely placed on work. Of course, this inevitably leads to better performance. The author herself can also confirm this. Even after little sleep and a very short night, she was well rested and fully productive. After another intake of CBD oil in the morning, her concentration was at its peak and she was not easily distracted by other things and could concentrate optimally on her work.
Another point in favour of cannabidiol oil is that the active ingredient has an anxiety-relieving effect [6]. Athletes who are facing important competitions are not only tense, but also have a certain fear of failing. Here, cannabidiol can help to take away this fear and to be able to act completely freely. The calming and anxiety-relieving effect of CBD is therefore particularly interesting for athletes when they have important competitions ahead of them.
Thus, CBD oil is an important tool for athletes to focus on the competition or the training session. This is another reason why more and more athletes are turning to CBD products.

CBD oil an important aid in sports

With these examples, you can see how important CBD oil or CBD products are in sports. Not only the regeneration of the cells and the body, but also the calming effect support the athlete. At the same time, sleep is improved before competitions, which speaks for a well-rested athlete. Due to the excellent effect that cannabidiol also increases concentration and can thus improve performance, it is perfectly clear that more and more athletes are turning to CBD products.
But we can also benefit from the extraordinary effect of CBD products. When important meetings or exams are coming up, CBD can help us to sleep relaxed and be fit and rested in the morning. Cannabidiol oil is therefore not only a great helper for athletes, but for everyone who needs to focus on certain things. At the same time, it helps people who enjoy sports to increase performance and support regeneration, which is why CBD products are optimal for. If you rub yourself with a high-quality CBD balm after sports, you will quickly notice that the regeneration is much better and that pain disappears quickly.


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