CBD Cosmetics

Organic CBD cosmetics including face creams, body lotions, cooling gels, muscle balms or massage oils.

CBD Cosmetics

CBD cosmetics have exploded in popularity in the UK. There is a reason for this. CBD has several positive properties, which multiple studies have already proven. Creams for skincare are in exceptionally high demand. Plus, special body care products, and cooling and warming lotions are growing in popularity.

Which CBD cosmetic products are available?

When buying CBD cosmetic products, paying attention to the CBD percentage is essential.

A higher CBD concentration makes sense, depending on what the product is being used for.

For example, since the content of cannabidiol in lip balms is relatively low, users mainly use CBD oil to relieve herpes simplex. Unfortunately, there are no studies on this yet, but you can find several people who have experienced this firsthand online.

As a rule, CBD cosmetics contain 2 to 5% CBD content. Especially in acne creams, the CBD percentage is usually higher than in a cleansing product. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How do CBD cosmetic products work?

CBD is an ingredient of the hemp plant, but it is not intoxicating. Cannabidiol, CBD for short, belongs to the group of cannabinoids. These also include CBN, CBG, THC and several other substances. So far, over 100 cannabinoids have been isolated from the hemp plant. Studies have shown that almost all of them have different effects on the body. 

According to a study conducted in Italy, CBD has a skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. CBD is also said to have a positive impact on acne or pimples, according to a study from Hungary.

Uses of CBD cosmetics

There are many different uses for CBD cosmetics. For example, you can use CBD cosmetics for dry or sensitive skin. Cosmetics with CBD are an excellent solution for acne and pimples. To support muscle regeneration, we have special ointments with CBD designed for use after exercise.

Face creams with CBD: The SWISS FX Booster Serum or cleansing emulsion is applied to your face in the morning and evening. First, cleanse your face and apply the acute cream. You can only use a high-dosage acne cream for acute attacks,

Cleansing products with CBD: CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, especially in cleansing products. Not only does it remove dirt, but it can also prevent or alleviate pimples and acne.

CBD Massage Oil: Use CBD massage oil during massages or after exercise to massage your arms and legs. SWISS FX massage oil is a great way to relax your muscles. Apply the oil to your body using circular movements. The Muscle Gel can also help support muscle regeneration

Cooling Gel with CBD: Use Cooling Gel with CBD on hot days to cool down. The gel can help reduce the effect of sunburn and cool burnt skin.

You can use it for heavy legs as well as for arthritis complaints. For many people, they need different treatments. While some patients can relieve the symptoms with cooling compresses or cooling gels, others need heat. 

For patients needing cooling gel, apply it to the affected areas to cool the skin when needed.

Lip balms with CBD: Lip balms that include CBD can help you get velvety soft lips and protect against environmental influences and the sun.

In Summer, the sun can harm our lips, and in the Winter, dry heating air and the cold damage them. Lip balm helps to prevent drying and keeps your lips looking healthy year-round.

CBD cosmetics should always be organic, natural cosmetics with natural ingredients. Natural and organic ingredients ensure pesticide-free, clean cosmetics that are also really good for the skin. 

There are no additives that will irritate or harm the skin. Plus, hemp plants usually do not need any pesticides, as they can defend themselves very well against pests and diseases. This means that our cannabis plants are all organic.

Ingredients in CBD cosmetic products

In CBD cosmetics, various natural ingredients to soothe the skin are blended to create skincare cosmetics that can achieve fantastic results when combined with CBD.  

 Anti-wrinkle creams with CBD usually contain vitamin A or C to enrich the skin with moisture and improve your complexion. Other high-quality oils are often included. 

Aloe Vera is another natural ingredient used in CBD creams and cleansing products with cannabidiol. Aloe Vera is present in cooling gels to moisturise and draw heat from the skin when sunburned.

Our Quality Assurance

To ensure that you receive only the best quality, we guarantee that the CBD in our cosmetic products is grown according to the highest Swiss quality guidelines. Our harvesting is done by hand to ensure that our cosmetic products with cannabidiol meet rigorous standards. Our products are vegan and gluten-free, and completely natural. We do not use preservatives and dyes so that you can look after your skin and avoid any skin irritation.