CBD Oil for animals

We have specially formulated this line of products for our four-legged friends.

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CBD oil for dogs and cats

CBD oil is not only for humans. It can also help our four-legged friends with anxiety, epilepsy and pain. 

It is very popular as a herbal sedative for anxious pets to calm them down and is an excellent option for pets that get anxious during bonfire night and New Year’s eve because of fireworks.

For animals that suffer from epilepsy, CBD can help to reduce seizures which can sometimes be life-threatening for pets.

You can use CBD oil for dogs and cats to treat pain. 

Why use CBD oil for dogs and cats?

Cats and dogs often have similar complaints as humans. Since CBD oil is very popular with humans and CBD has already been clinically studied for various ailments, it stands to reason that you can use CBD oil for cats and dogs. 

Cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system, and their bodies also produce endocannabinoids. If this system gets disrupted by illness, for example, they produce fewer endocannabinoids. You can help them by supplying it from the outside using CBD oil drops.

Various studies have proven that CBD oil could help with epileptic seizures. On YouTube, you can find videos of dogs having epileptic seizures who calm down quickly when they get given CBD oil. You can see how efficient the hemp plant is in treating them.  More studies need to be conducted to back up these claims. Scientists and researchers are already working on it because it is vital to find a herbal product that works efficiently.

Numerous domestic animals suffer from anxiety. And not only on Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve, when people let off fireworks. Some pets are very jumpy or are particularly anxious. You can use CBD oil to help calm your furry friends. 

Studies have shown that CBD has a calming effect and can help animals to be more relaxed. According to the study, CBD can be helpful for anxiety disorders in humans and animals. For this reason, veterinarians have used CBD for quite some time. 

When animals are about to pass away, they sense their time has come and are naturally afraid. CBD oil for dogs and cats can be beneficial to support the animal during this time. 

In this situation, we recommend you administer CBD oil to your animal and take a few drops yourself to become calmer and more relaxed. It is a huge step, which is filled with anxiety and grief. That's why CBD oil is a popular solution.

What to look for in CBD oil for dogs and cats

When purchasing CBD oil for dogs, it is essential to choose a special CBD oil for dogs, such as SWISS FX CBD Dog. Even though humans can take cannabidiol oil, CBD oil for dogs has a lower concentration of CBD, so it makes sense to use CBD oil for dogs to avoid side effects such as diarrhoea, restlessness or drowsiness.

To buy CBD oil for cats, you should think about a few more things. Cats lack the enzymes to metabolise some substances. This means they cannot excrete substances that they should excrete because they cannot process them in the body. For this reason, essential oils for cats can have severe side effects. 

You can’t give CBD oil designed for humans to cats! To buy CBD oil for cats, you should purchase products specifically designed for cats that are created to avoid overdosing. We have the SWISS FX CBD Cat ready to order for your fluffy friend. 

Using a full spectrum oil with cannabidiol for your pet is beneficial. This is because full spectrum oils contain different substances from the hemp plant that work in combination. Even though each ingredient has its own benefits and effects, they work even better together. We call this the entourage effect, which is naturally beneficial to the body.

Which CBD oils for cats and dogs?

It is essential to buy special CBD oils for dogs and cats. This is partly because cats cannot metabolise all substances and partly because of the concentration of CBD. CBD oils for humans usually have a higher concentration of CBD than CBD oil drops for animals. Ensure you pay attention to the CBD percentage of the specific product.

While a CBD concentration of 3.5% is sufficient for small to medium dogs, CBD oil drops up to 5% can be used for medium to large dogs. You can try 5% for very large dogs, but 10% may suit them better. It's essential to check with your vet to see whether you can use CBD drops with a cannabidiol content of 10%, 

For cats and dogs, organic CBD should always be used to ensure that neither dyes, chemical additives, pesticides, or herbicides are contained in the cannabidiol oil.

Dosage of CBD oil for dogs and cats

CBD oil dosage for cats and dogs is not easy. It is best to test which dosage works for your pet. There is a lot to consider. The first two weeks of intake are particularly important. As a rule, you should not exceed two drops of CBD oil per 5 kg.

You should give your pet 1 drop of CBD oil daily for the first four days. After that, if there is no improvement, the dose can be increased to 2 drops every day. After four days, you can increase the dosage to 3 CBD oil drops if necessary. Keeping four days between increasing the CBD oil dosage is essential because you can monitor your pet to see if the dosage is correct.

CBD oil needs some time to take effect. The 4-day period between increasing dosages is to avoid overdosing. Your cat or dog might get over-excited when they receive their first dose. All you need to do is add a drop, which should solve the problem. Like humans, dogs and cats react differently. But please note that you should not exceed 2 drops per 5 kg of the animal.

Also, you should be aware that giving more CBD oil doesn't help a lot when it comes to cannabidiol. Lower dosages are often better and achieve a better effect than higher dosages.

How to administer CBD oil drops for dogs and cats

Most animals love CBD oil drops, and you can either put them directly into their mouths, or put the drops onto your hand and let them lick it off. However, some animals do not like cannabidiol at all. In this case, you can put a drop in a piece of sausage or meat and give it to the animal. This usually works without any problems.

If this does not work, try preparing  their favourite treat with a CBD oil drop. Sometimes you need to be a little resourceful to do good for your pet.

Our quality promise

At SWISS FX, we guarantee only the best quality with the highest standards. Therefore, the hemp plants are exclusively grown in Switzerland and have to comply with stringent Bio-Suisse guidelines. With these extremely high standards, we can only offer you excellent products.

All our CBD oils are vegan and gluten-free and contain no dyes or preservatives. We also do not use any additives, and our products are entirely natural. To ensure that you always receive a consistently high-quality CBD product from us, every single batch of oils gets tested by the independent TÜV Süd laboratory. You will find these analyses among all CBD oils from SWISS FX.

We stand for the highest quality and want to offer our customers only the best. For this reason, our CBD oil gets regularly tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contaminants. This is the only way we can guarantee that our products are free of harmful substances and natural. Of course, all CBD products are also manufactured in Switzerland because very high standards are essential for our customers.