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What is CBD?

What is CBD?

The term CBD is on everyone's lips and has triggered a real hype. But what is CBD and how does it work? In the following, we answer these central questions and inform you about all important aspects. In this context, we explain why CBD is used in medicine and which concrete advantages CBD brings with it. By comparing THC vs. CBD, you will understand the most important differences between the cannabinoids, which will clear up your concerns. Discover the benefits of CBD now and enjoy a completely new vaping experience with a CBD vape pen. 

What is CBD and to which group does it belong?

The abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp is also known as cannabis, which makes the naming of CBD more understandable. By way of introduction, it should be pointed out that CBD only occurs in female hemp plants. CBD also belongs to the group of cannabinoids, a class of chemical compounds. These also include THC, CBC and CBN, which underlines the enormous diversity of cannabinoids. Like all other cannabinoids, CBD has a direct influence on the cells of humans and animals. The bottom line is that the question "What is CBD" can be answered succinctly: A non-psychoactive component of the female hemp plant.

THC vs. CBD - the key differences at a glance

Most people think of THC when they hear the words weed, hemp or marijuana. This substance, which also belongs to the cannabinoids, has a psychoactive effect and is associated with various states of intoxication. Exactly here lies the decisive difference between THC and CBD: Cannabidiol does not cause any changes in consciousness and does not make you "high". Thus, the health-promoting and therapeutic aspect of CBD is in the foreground, which must be taken into account when comparing THC vs. CBD. Furthermore, THC vs. CBD differ in terms of side effects: With THC, for example, anxiety can occur, so consumption should be treated with caution. An additional problem with THC vs. CBD is the impaired performance and concentration. 

As a result, the psychoactive ingredient THC makes you both tired and sleepy. The question of why cannabidiol is the better choice when comparing THC vs. CBD can therefore be answered in many different ways. Cannabidiol has almost the opposite effect and promotes alertness, which is of great advantage from work to private life. The effects described around the THC vs. CBD comparison can be explained medically: THC has been shown to dock with the nerve cells in the human brain, which forms the basis for the intoxicating effect. The THC vs. CBD comparison serves as an important orientation for you and is also the reason why CBD is becoming more and more popular. 

How does CBD work in the body?

In the THC vs. CBD comparison, we clarified that products like a CBD vape pen have no effect on our brain and cognition. But how does CBD work in the rest of the body? The benefits of CBD have undoubtedly not yet been conclusively researched, but a variety of effects are already known. For example, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body, which affects a whole range of different processes. Cannabidiol can thus improve the skin's appearance and counteract the formation of pimples. The anti-inflammatory effect also has a positive influence on cold and respiratory diseases. In addition, CBD has a decramping effect, which is a significant added value for people with muscular complaints. The decramping effect is therefore an important aspect to be able to explain the benefits of CBD. There is another reason why CBD is so popular and in high demand: cannabidiol acts as a natural anti-nausea agent, which shows the great variety of pharmacological effects. In order to answer the question "How does CBD work?" completely, it is also necessary to shed light on the topic of stress. Various studies have shown that CBD has a stress-inhibiting effect. Blood pressure is lowered naturally and the health of the cardiovascular system is strengthened. Why CBD is considered a health-promoting substance consequently has a variety of reasons and is based on different findings. The benefits of CBD affect the entire organism and help to increase vitality.

For what purposes is CBD used?

We explained in detail why CBD is considered beneficial to health in the last section "How does CBD work? But which specific medical conditions can be effectively treated with cannabidiol? Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, taking CBD is considered an ideal measure for acne, for example. The effects of cannabidiol reduce sebum production and improve the skin's appearance step by step. Would you like to strengthen your immune system to protect yourself optimally against illnesses such as colds? Then CBD is exactly the right choice: the anti-inflammatory active ingredients make a valuable contribution to the body's own defences and minimise the risk of illness. In the introductory section "What is CBD" we mentioned the positive influence on the cellular system. Following on from this, cannabidiol causes a noticeable improvement in various symptoms of illness. These include, for example, the painful effects of chronic diseases such as arthritis and other joint problems. In summary, the possible uses of CBD are enormously versatile and offer new perspectives for a wide variety of clinical pictures. In direct comparison to conventional medicines, cannabidiol is based on the healing power of nature and does not bring any undesirable side effects. 

Inhaling CBD - what are the benefits?

The great demand for CBD results in a large selection of different products. For example, CBD is available as oil or in the form of capsules. With us, on the other hand, you can order a CBD vape pen with which you can directly inhale the positive effects of cannabidiol. This way of inhaling CBD comes with various advantages: heating the CBD e-liquid enables the vapour development known from classic e-cigarettes. For this purpose, you only need the CBD Vape Pen, a vaporizer that is specially designed for vaporising CBD. Due to the negative pressure generated, the CBD vapour can be sucked through the mouthpiece and inhaled without any problems. In this way, the health-promoting substances reach the body via the respiratory tract. As a result, the contained cannabidiol reaches the bloodstream and thus the entire organism. Due to this mode of operation of the CBD vape pen, you benefit from an optimal distribution of active substances and an ideal further processing in the body. Compared to conventional cigarettes, no combustion takes place, so that no toxic substances such as carbon monoxide enter the organism. The comprehensive advantages of a CBD vape pen are completed by the uncomplicated handling and the high comfort. You always have your CBD vape pen at hand and can enjoy the positive effects of cannabidiol at any time. 

Final conclusion on CBD

Overall, it can be said that CBD combines a variety of different effects and has health-promoting properties. We have addressed questions such as "What is CBD?" and "How does CBD work?" in detail, so that you now have a complete overview. The benefits of CBD affect the entire organism and can noticeably improve your well-being. With a CBD vape pen, you can experience cannabidiol as a vapour and easily inhale the active ingredients. If you have any questions about "What is CBD?", "How does CBD work?", "Why CBD?" or about the ordering process, we will be happy to assist you with a personal consultation. 

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