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CBD as a solution against herpes - What's behind it?

CBD as a solution against herpes - What's behind it?

What is herpes?

Herpes simplex is a viral disease that over 80% of adults carry. In most people, it breaks out at some point. This is when the painful blisters appear. A distinction is made between cold sores and genital herpes. Unfortunately, both diseases cannot be cured and can break out at any time.

Factors such as sun exposure, stress or an unhealthy diet can cause the virus to break out. Psychological stress can also promote an outbreak. When the virus breaks out, the affected area first tingles. After about one to two days, blisters form that are filled with fluid. Another two days later, these break open and are then highly contagious. They also hurt, and as soon as a small crust forms, they burst open again and bleed profusely.

To fight herpes, many people use various remedies from the pharmacy or toothpaste. However, these do not help much because the infection continues to progress and cannot be stopped. CBD oil, on the other hand, is supposed to be different. Here, the blisters should not even appear and be nipped in the bud.

The facts

Again and again you read on the net that CBD is an important helper against herpes. On the one hand, we have tested it and on the other hand, we have also gone through the various statements. At the same time, we looked at the studies and came to the following conclusion.

User opinions and self-test

The users who use CBD for herpes all conclude that CBD is the best remedy of all. While they have already tried numerous remedies and none of them helped, they are enthusiastic about CBD. All of them proceeded in such a way that they dribbled CBD oil on the affected areas of the mouth or genitals several times a day as soon as they felt the first tingling sensation.

After about three days, the tingling disappeared and no blisters appeared. This is what all users report. We have also tried this method and find that this is also true for us. The blister does not appear at all and after treatment with CBD oil, nothing was felt or seen after three days.

The study situation on CBD for herpes

Unfortunately, there have been very few studies on CBD for herpes. However, there are several other studies that show that cannabidiol has an antiviral effect and thus curbs the multiplication of viruses. Therefore, CBD is also said to be an important aid for the Corona infection, as the antiviral property is said to help prevent the viruses from spreading further.

One of the few studies on CBD against herpes is a study from 1980, which proves that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another ingredient of the hemp plant, has a good effect on herpes simplex viruses.

Studies on THC against herpes simplex were also conducted in 1991 and 2004. Both studies came to the same conclusion as the study in 1980. Since not only CBD but also THC is present in very small quantities in a full-spectrum oil, one can assume that the reports of experiences on the net are not fairy tales, but that CBD oil can really help with herpes simplex and inhibits the viruses in their development.

In a study from the year 2020, which was conducted in Korea, it could be proven that cannabidiol has antiviral properties and could thus also be helpful in the case of a corona infection.

The same is the case with a 2017 study from Jamaica, where researchers from Jamaica and Maryland, USA, found that cannabidiol can have an antiviral effect on hepatitis C.

Of course, there are many more studies that show, among other things, that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, can reduce stress and can also be used to help with psychological problems. All these factors contribute to the outbreak of the herpes simplex virus. Thus, the regular intake of CBD is beneficial to prevent herpes, for example.

Use of CBD oil for herpes simplex

The application of CBD oil for herpes simplex is very simple. The advantage is that CBD oil can be used both internally and externally.

Internal use of CBD oil for herpes

As a rule, it is sufficient to take 2 drops of CBD oil with a concentration of 5% daily. Stress and sleep problems can be combated well with the intake. Those who suffer from psychological problems should take 2 drops of CBD oil three times a day. This not only prevents herpes, but also strengthens the immune system and the body's defences.

The CBD drops are drizzled under the tongue and should remain in the mouth for one to two minutes. This ensures that the CBD is absorbed through the oral mucosa and quickly enters the body.

Those taking CBD drops for the first time should start with 2 drops and increase the dose by one drop every four days. This is important so that the body can slowly get used to the CBD oil.

External use of CBD oil for herpes

If the herpes virus is already on its way, you should dab a drop of CBD oil on the affected area as soon as you feel the first tingling sensation. This should be repeated three times a day. After about two to three days, the virus is usually gone and the blister does not appear at all.

However, external application is especially important when it comes to herpes simplex. CBD oil can be taken at the same time, but external application is much more effective, so that the outbreak usually does not occur.

CBD oil has many benefits for the body and that is exactly why it is so popular with users. In the beginning, it was mainly young people who used CBD oil for their symptoms. In the meantime, however, many older people are convinced of the benefits of CBD oil and use it mainly to treat chronic pain. Due to the many studies that have already been conducted on cannabidiol, it can be assumed that it is very versatile and practically an all-rounder for health. Moreover, even the WHO says that CBD poses no harm to public health.

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