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CBD and yoga - the path to inner balance

CBD and yoga - the path to inner balance

CBD and yoga are a dream team in a class of their own, as they both have one goal. Body and mind should be brought into harmony. With both, you can breathe away stress in a relaxed way and thus find your way to inner balance. The combination of CBD and yoga is optimal, as they can provide relaxation and have a very positive influence on the yoga routine. The advantage is that you can choose from different CBD products. Besides the popular CBD oil, you also have the option of taking CBD capsules or simply drinking a CBD tea before yoga. As you can see, there are perfect CBD products for everyone. However, the CBD oils are especially popular to complete the dream team.

How relaxation techniques can help against inner restlessness and stress

Stress and inner restlessness can have many causes. Inner restlessness is actually a normal condition that occurs from time to time. However, in the long run it can have a negative impact on our general well-being and put us under additional stress. We wonder why this restlessness lasts so long or why there is something wrong with our health. In fact, it may simply be due to excessive demands that one does not feel to be excessive. Another possibility is that you are under constant stress and dismiss this as a normal condition, although your body is sending clear signals. Here CBD and yoga can be an important helper, supporting the body in relaxation and flexibility.

Yoga is an Indian philosophical teaching that has had numerous followers for thousands of years. In addition, yoga is also a relaxation technique that combines different mental and physical practices. Yoga is supposed to help us to relax better, to come to peace and thus also to cope better with inner restlessness and stress. The Indian teachings and the yoga exercises thus stand for well-being, calmness and relaxation in everyday life and at work. But the same is true for cannabidiol. CBD and yoga are basically natural tools that can help us restore our inner balance.

With so many CBD products to choose from, it's up to you to decide which you want to use. CBD tea or perhaps CBD oils? Of course, this is entirely up to you. The offers are large and you can find the right CBD extracts for everyone.

This is why CBD and yoga are an excellent combination

CBD yoga is said to be a new trend. The combination of CBD and yoga is deliberately brought about, as this combination of the two aids is supposed to bring maximum relaxation and calm. CBD in particular has a great advantage here. But be careful, CBD should not be confused with cannabis. CBD has no intoxicating effect and can be taken without hesitation during yoga or power yoga. CBD, the short form of cannabidiol, has the following properties:

  • May enhance the positive effect of yoga
  • Is said to promote inner balance
  • May help you to switch off better when you have had a stressful day
  • May help to deepen the experience of yoga or meditation
  • May help with recovery after yoga practice

    Especially for yoga beginners, CBD can be very useful. But also advanced yoga practitioners should be able to get the maximum out of each yoga unit with this combination.

    Moreover, the combination of cannabis and spiritual practice is very old. Already in Taoism, an ancient Chinese belief system, people use the hemp plant as ritual incense. This was used to eliminate the egoistic tendencies of the mind in order to return to naturalness and trigger a feeling of happiness. However, it was mainly the cannabinoid THC that had an intoxicating effect.

    Hemp also has a long history in India. In the Vedas, 3500 years ago, hemp was named as one of the five sacred plants. Moreover, hemp even has a patron god, named Shiva. Some peoples smoke it as ganja or drink a milk drink with hemp called bhang. Consumption is considered a sacred act on religious holidays.

    Thus, hemp has acted as a doorway to meditation for thousands of years. CBD oils are designed to help you find your meditation routine and intensify the experience of meditation.

    Many yoga teachers have adopted this and offer special CBD yoga courses. Both aids are combined so that the body can benefit optimally. But don't worry, the yoga exercises are not different just because you take CBD products beforehand.

    The history of yoga

    Yoga has been known in India for around 4,000 years. Many believed that yoga practice was about promoting health and growing old. However, this is not entirely true. Actually, yoga was primarily about being able to sit in the lotus position for as long and as concentrated as possible while meditating. So then gradually exercises were developed so that the body could become more supple and the mind could be calmed. This was actually the origin of yoga.

    Yoga pose

    The practice of yoga came to Europe in the 1950s. Centres were opened, especially in large cities, which were ridiculed at first. In the meantime, there are yoga classes in almost every small town and they are very well received.

    The philosophy behind yoga

    If you take a closer look at the yoga philosophy, it is mainly about removing the obstacles that stand between happiness and oneself. But it is also about recognising these obstacles and working on them. This is why many yoga teachers also point out that we should only find happiness within and not look outwards.

    What types of yoga are there?

    Hatha yoga is the foundation of yoga. Here there are various exercises that have the following focal points:

    • Exercise instructions for correct posture
    • Techniques for purification
    • Breathing exercises
    • Techniques to allow the energy in the body to unfold
    • Meditation

      In addition, the following types of yoga are popular and practiced by numerous people:

      • Aerial Yoga
      • Bhakti-Yoga
      • Karma-Yoga
      • Mantra-Yoga
      • Tantra-Yoga

        The different types of yoga differ mainly in the breathing, relaxation, movement and meditation exercises. Yin yoga is particularly suitable for beginners, as you can perform the yoga exercises at your own pace. In this way, you can progress through the asanas bit by bit.

        Why meditation is so important in yoga

        Meditation is an essential component and definitely belongs to yoga. Meditation serves to focus the attention. The goal is to relax. Because it is precisely the mental exercise that is a particularly efficient means of combating stress. This is why meditation is so enormously important in yoga. Those who meditate regularly, for example, can fall asleep better and faster. In addition, meditation is also supposed to help you live in the present moment and not get stuck in the past.

        Meditation, energy centers, cbd

        Other benefits that meditation brings with it are

        • Mindfulness
        • Relaxation and stress reduction
        • Increased peace of mind
        • More energy [1]

          Yoga has these benefits on body and mind

          Yoga has numerous benefits for body and mind. On the one hand, it has a calming effect and on the other hand, you can deal with stress better. Furthermore, the ritual loosens the muscles and tensions can be released. In addition, tension decreases and the soul also benefits. But yoga also has an influence on the posture pattern of the participants. This can improve over time and thus help to banish back pain.

          In addition, yoga stimulates the autonomic nervous system, promotes the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, invigorates [2] and thus also promotes concentration. At the same time, blood circulation is also stimulated.

          In the meantime, numerous studies have also proven that yoga is very beneficial for body and mind. It can be read that yoga is an excellent way to treat anxiety and panic states as well as stress and depression in a complementary way. As a complementary therapy, yoga can thus be an important aid in alleviating these complaints [3]. In addition, yoga practice also has a positive effect on the soul.

          For example, the studies found the following change through yoga:

          • Well-being is increased
          • Self-confidence and body image are improved
          • Attention is higher
          • Irritability decreases
          • The feeling of relaxation increases
          • Interpersonal relationships are improved
          • The optimistic attitude to life is promoted

            But sleep disorders can also be alleviated with yoga. The feeling for the body also improves and this can be further emphasised with the use of CBD oil.

            These are all points that are important for everyday life. That's why more and more people are doing yoga to make their everyday life much easier. Because especially those who are better able to deal with stress are on the one hand significantly less irritable and on the other hand much more relaxed to better cope with everyday life.

            This is how often you should do yoga each week

            To really benefit from the positive effect of this philosophical teaching, you should do yoga at least once a week. However, it would be better if you could integrate the yoga sessions three to four times into your weekly schedule. The combination of CBD and yoga can support the yoga sessions and is a true miracle weapon for body, mind and soul.

            Learn yoga? Nothing could be easier!

            If you now feel like doing yoga, it's very easy to learn. There are numerous yoga courses for beginners on YouTube that explain exactly how to proceed. You should take these explanations to heart, as incorrectly performed exercises can also lead to discomfort. In the yoga courses for beginners you learn the most important basics and great exercises that you can integrate into your everyday life.
            Of course, you also have the option of attending a yoga course in your city. Here, too, there are usually yoga courses for beginners and advanced students in every larger town. In addition, you have a teacher here who can point out the mistakes right away. Another advantage is that you are among people, which also contributes to your well-being and is balm for the soul. You might also find a course that combines CBD and yoga. These CBD yoga courses are becoming more and more common.

            CBD and yoga - a popular combination

            Cannabidiol has many positive properties, as has been proven in many studies. But yoga can also have a positive effect on body and mind. Therefore, this combination of CBD and yoga is becoming more and more popular. Of course, you have to find your own dosage with your CBD oil. This is different for every user. Maybe you don't like the taste of CBD oil. Then try a delicious muesli made from hemp seeds before you go to yoga.

            In the meantime, it is no longer a rarity that more and more yoga courses also refer to CBD oil. So if you take CBD in addition to your daily or weekly yoga, you can achieve a different level of serenity and relaxation. It is not for nothing that both aids can look back on a millennium-old history. In this combination, you have a true dream team for your everyday balance. Or you can find a CBD yoga course right away. Here, everyone uses the excellent CBD oil while doing relaxed yoga to benefit from both aids.


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