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Care for lips naturally with hemp substitute products

Care for lips naturally with hemp substitute products

The lips often suffer from weathering. This is because the skin of the lips is very thin and therefore much more sensitive. Therefore, lip care is a must in every season to keep them looking supple, soft and beautiful. But which products are suitable for this and what is it about hemp substitute products like CBD? You can read all about it in this article.


Lip care - the be-all and end-all for beautiful lips

If you don't care for your lips, they will quickly become rough and chapped. Because the lips can store less moisture, they are even more sensitive when they are dehydrated. Therefore, you should always have a lip balm with you to keep your thin skin moisturised and nourished.

Especially in the last few years, one keeps reading about CBD lip balms and that users swear by them. But what do they have that other lip balms don't? 

Lip care with CBD - naturalness instead of chemicals

Lip care with CBD has several advantages. On the one hand, the ingredients of most CBD care products are purely natural and thus without chemicals or additives. Especially in the case of lip care, we often hear that as soon as users stop applying cream, their lips become chapped and cracked again. The skin of the lips has become accustomed to the chemical substances and only remains supple if we always use these care sticks. To prevent this from happening, lip balms with CBD are usually 100 % natural and without chemicals. 

This also means that the lip balm can be easily removed without the lips cracking and becoming chapped. Of course, this can still happen if the lips are used to the nutrients and they suddenly no longer receive any at all. But if you only use a CBD lip balm like this once a week, you will find that they still remain supple and soft. 

This is mainly due to the ingredients of CBD. CBD is full of important fatty acids, vitamins and also plant compounds like terpene and flavonoids. These all contribute to the suppleness of the skin and lips and provide them with nutrients. But because CBD also contains the important fatty acids that make the lips supple and moisturize them, they remain elastic and do not become chapped and brittle. CBD also contains antioxidants that ensure that the skin around the lips is also cared for and wrinkles can be reduced. Thus, a lip balm with CBD is not only an important helper for the lips, but also for the skin around the lips to reduce wrinkles and prevent premature skin ageing. 

What other benefits does lip care with CBD offer?

CBD has several benefits that have been proven in many studies. The ingredient of the cannabis plant has an anti-inflammatory effect and can prevent inflammations from developing and existing inflammations from spreading further. In addition, cannabidiol has a beneficial effect on wound healing, which means that chapped lips heal faster and thus any inflammation that develops can also be contained at the same time. Another advantage of CBD is that it has an antiviral effect. It can be read again and again that CBD is an important helper against herpes simplex. However, it must also be said that CBD oil can help very well here. Lip balms are ideal for the time after a herpes simplex infection to get the lips back into shape. 

Of course, if the herpes blister has already broken open, lip balm should not be used. The fluid that comes out of the blisters is highly contagious and if you use a lip balm, you can throw it away afterwards. It is better to wash your hands well with soap beforehand and then apply the balm with your fingers so that the lip balm is not contaminated in the first place. CBD oil can also do a very good job here, as it also takes away the pain associated with herpes simplex at the same time. 

Those who like the smell and taste of CBD oil can of course also apply the oil pure for lip care. However, a care stick is better suited for on the go, as the cream can be applied so easily. 

Dry and chapped lips are a thing of the past!

CBD oil or lip balms with CBD are excellent helpers to care for the lips and provide them with moisture and nutrients. So if you want to do something good for your lips, you should definitely not do without CBD lip care. Especially in the case of diseases of the immune system or deficiency symptoms, it often happens that the corners of the mouth are chapped. Here, too, hemp substitutes such as CBD oil can do a good job and accelerate wound healing. At the same time, the skin and lips are cared for so that they become beautiful and supple again. 

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