5 tips for regenerating your muscles! Can CBD gel help?

5 tips for regenerating your muscles! Can CBD gel help?

For many people, sport is an important way to switch off and leave everyday life behind. Of course, health also plays a big role. Nevertheless, it can happen again and again that you get injured, even if you have done stretching exercises and warmed up beforehand. Injuries are accompanied by pain, which means that a break from training is necessary. CBD gel can be an important helper here, as the gel helps the muscles to regenerate quickly and also relieves pain. CBD gel is also known to promote recovery after exercise.

The principle of supercompensation

Anyone who does a lot of sport will be familiar with the term supercompensation. This is a principle that is of great importance for athletes. Because anyone who follows this principle knows how important the rest periods between training are. To explain it briefly.
During training, the muscles are irritated by the load. As a result, performance is reduced. Therefore, a rest break is of great importance. The body and the muscles can recover and regenerate. As a result, the initial performance is reached again, which is then accompanied by an increased performance capacity. This is also called supercompensation. In order to achieve the maximum increase in performance, one must expose oneself to a new load so that the performance can be increased further and further. However, this is only necessary with the important regeneration phases.
This can also be seen in the numerous different smartwatches, which are now all equipped with a recommendation as to how long the regeneration phase should be. On the basis of this, one can then rest or train accordingly in order to train according to the principle of supercompensation.

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What happens during the regeneration of the body

Firstly, during the body's regeneration phase, energy stores are replenished with glycogen and micronutrients and water stores are replenished. At the same time, the pH value and the body temperature are regulated and a regulation of inflammations also takes place. In addition, sex and growth hormones are released and mental recovery and cognitive improvement take place.
Cannabidiol can help in that the entire body is supported by CBD in this phase. The support is not only limited to the physical level, but also the psychological regeneration can be supported by cannabidiol.

How CBD can help with muscle recovery

Cannabidiol is an important companion for training and the regeneration phase, which is why it is becoming more and more popular among athletes. Moreover, it is not listed on the banned list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Cannabidiol has the following effects on muscle regeneration:

  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
  • Stress-reducing
  • Balancing
  • Promotes sleep
  • Supports the immune system

CBD against inflammation 

CBD products are of great importance not only in sports, but also in everyday life. During training, for example, the body is exposed to different stimuli. In the process, it comes under stress. Stress, on the other hand, can upset the inner balance and the body can be more susceptible to inflammation. CBD can be used to combat stress and inflammation and bring the body back into balance. [1]

CBD for pain and muscular problems

One of the most important benefits of CBD is the relief of all kinds of pain. Especially in acute and prolonged sports injuries, CBD gel can have a supportive effect and significantly reduce pain. But cannabidiol is also an important adjuvant during intense physical exertion.
Especially during sports, bones, vision and muscles are heavily stressed. This can lead to inflammations and injuries such as muscle strains, muscle soreness, muscle cramps as well as to a tightening or tearing of the muscles. Especially in the case of muscle aches, strains and cramps, treatment with CBD gel can have a supportive effect. On the one hand, the pain is relieved and on the other hand, muscle cramps are reduced as CBD can have an antispasmodic effect. But also in the case of strains, CBD gel can ensure that the muscle regenerates and heals quickly.

CBD promotes sleep

Sleep is of great importance. If you sleep poorly or not enough, you cannot concentrate well the next day, you are tired and your performance is reduced. But in order to have energy for the next day, a healthy and restful sleep is important. Moreover, the body recovers during sleep and needs this regeneration.
Cannabidiol, on the other hand, can help to sleep better, as CBD promotes sleep. Preparations with CBD and melatonin are especially recommended, as this combination can support both active substances.

CBD strengthens the immune system

CBD is also said to support the immune system when the ingredient is taken regularly. High stress on the body weakens the immune system, which is why it needs to be supported in order to perform at full capacity and protect us from illness. For it is precisely those who are under stress, whether in everyday life or as athletes, who also reduce their immune defences. Stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline are released and thus weaken the immune system and the body is more susceptible. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, brings the immune system back into balance.

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CBD gel - how it can help with sports injuries

Especially for sports injuries, there are CBD gels that reduce the pain and symptoms of the injuries. When CBD gel is applied to the skin, it not only promotes a pleasant feeling on the skin, but also relaxes it at the same time. However, a distinction is made here between warming and cooling CBD gels.

Warming CBD gel

The warming gel is primarily intended for muscle regeneration and promotes blood circulation. This allows the heavily stressed muscles and joints to relax again and quickly regain their performance. In addition, the warmth can also promote the mobility of the muscles.
The warming CBD gel should be massaged onto the skin once or twice a day. As a rule, the warming effect takes effect after 30 to 60 minutes. Sweating, sunlight or warm clothing can increase the warming effect even more. Warmth should therefore be used for chronic pain.

Cooling CBD gel

Cooling CBD gel is recommended for bruises, strains or sprains. It relieves the pain and helps the skin as well as the muscles to regenerate better. Cold is therefore beneficial for acute pain.
Even though there are recommendations, not every body reacts the same. It may well be that cooling CBD gels can also help with chronic pain. Every person is different, which is why it is important to listen to your body. This way you can quickly find out whether cold or warmth is better.

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5 tips to stimulate the muscles

  1. It is important to include warm-up and cool-down sessions in the workout so that the muscles are warmed up and loosened up.
  2. Active breaks are especially important so that the body can recover from the hard workout. Therefore, active breaks should always be part of the training plan.
  3. The same applies to regenerative training. This training is a very light one and should always be done after the heavy load of the main training.
  4. Nutrition should not be forgotten. Micronutrients are just as important as vital substances.
  5. Use CBD gels to massage the muscles after training. This not only promotes regeneration, but also helps to relieve pain and inhibit inflammation. It also provides the skin with important nutrients.

If you follow these small tips in everyday life as well as during sports, you will quickly notice how helpful CBD gels and CBD oils are to accelerate regeneration. In addition, cannabidiol has many other benefits on body and mind and can thus have a holistic supporting effect.

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